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Computer Help


Nick inspires confidence and does his best to be available when you most need him, which is pretty important in the world of computers !


21 May 2021

Simon Richey


Lifeline for our Computer!

Nick Roseborne of Computer Matters has always been a real lifeline for our computer - prompt, quick and effective. Moreover he is very patient with those of us who are often out of our depth in these areas. Completely reliable.


16 May 2021

David Pye


Nick has been a backbone of our computer system for many years and will always go the extra mile to help ,including when running those miles !!

One of the nicest and decent people we know.


16 May 2021

Julian Jakobi



XCELL Solutions Computer Repairs

Some two years ago my computer completely packed up

a neighbour recommended me to talk with Nick Roseborne

at Xcell Solutions. This I did and he undertook to transfer the materials from my old unit into and a new computer at a very fair cost. I have had difficulties with some of the new upgrades from my old box and he has been happy to help me and continues so to do. I have a small fee I pay per month for this help.

He is extremely accessible and sorts me out, I am most grateful to have found him and his company XCELL Solutions


11 May 2021

Ivor Hall


I was recommended to Nick some years ago when Microsoft trashed all business data in my PC. Nick was quick to act and took my PC away to put it into intensive-care. Very quickly, Nick retrieved my data. Close call! Always quick to respond when high-tech issues arrive. Nick is my right-hand-man and I feel secure knowing he will help and solve techie matters.


27 Apr 2021

David Parry

Nick has been my computer saviour for many years. He was well recommended by a friend who had also used him for some years.



Nick has always provided exactly what I need, which is someone I can call on 7 days a week to help, as a matter of urgency,  to resolve any problems that I experience with my computers.  He is often able to diagnose and cure problems immediately by phone, without the need for a visit, and if he does need to come to me he always tries his best to do so the same day or the next day. Since I started using his services I have never experienced a computer problem for which he was unable to provide a solution and/or sensible advice. I now subscribe to his service contract for a monthly fee, and am very pleased that I do so.


26 Apr 2021

David Levy


We would not be able to survive, mentaly, financially or technically if it weren't for that extra mile that Nick has taken with us for ever so long. We really depend on him, having actually ceased with our in house "tech" expert employee & have since been able to live, happily ever after with Nick!!

26 Apr 2021


We have used and known Nick for many years. he is reactive and responsive and resolves our problems on both PC's and Mac's

His prices are reasonable and we have a monthly contract with him which proves to be cost effective. Highly recommended


19 Apr 2021

Judi Keshet-Orr

Nick has been helping me, and my wife, over the last ten years sorting out numerous problems we have had with our desk tops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We both belong to a generation which did not grow up with these machines and we struggle with the demands of digital technology with which we have little natural ability. Nick has helped us buy and install new equipment; he has always been kind, patient, honest, and ready to spring into action whenever problems or emergencies occur.

Nick has been a pleasure to work with. We have enjoyed getting to know him better over the years and to see his family grow. We look forward to continue benefitting from his help and advice for many years ahead.



19 Apr 2021

Henry Herzberg


I have been on Nick’s monthly maintenance service for over three years now and have found the help and advice I get is excellent. If Nick can’t help me on the phone, he will always sort out the problem either on “Team Viewer” or come to my house. He is always punctual, has never let me down and is very patient with me over the simplest of problems!


During lockdown, my printer packed up so I rang Nick who arrived the next day with a new printer.

Prior to the maintenance contract, I have known Nick for over ten years and he has many times come to my rescue and supplied and installed a couple of laptops for me.

I would be lost without him!


10 Apr 2021

Jill Purdie

Very fast and effective service. Friendly and proactive, going above and beyond to fix the issue with my laptop. Thanks!


18 Oct 2020

Stefan Walter



Safe place to access. One customer at a time.


02 Jul 2020

Darren Keene


Good service with good prices. They fixed my PC and added the extra ram.


28 Mar 2019

Wung Tung



We have used them often and Nick is always on hand to help even with the simple solutions. He has come into our office to help or worked on our system remotely. I would highly recommend.


25 Oct 2018

Richard Hobson


Fast & efficient service, always very profession and well organised! Thank you for all your help.


23 Oct 2018


Great service and customer support


30 Sep 2018

Nadine BUTA

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